Board Meeting Tips

BoardPaq Comprehensive Review

One of the most common forms of business Internet communication is a boardroom, or otherwise – web conferencing, which allows you to solve many important issues online.

What are the prospects of using Boardroom?

With the development of the World Wide Web, humanity has gained many unique opportunities, including conditions for virtual communication. Today many business meetings and conferences remain online, as this format allows you to optimize the schedule and, as a result, improve the performance of each participant.

Traditionally, one of the most common forms of professional communication is the conference form. The rapid development of information and communication technologies has led to the emergence of new forms of professional interaction. The Internet conference is one of the extended communication services that allow for a group form of interaction.

Boardroom meeting is an innovative solution for organizing efficient corporate management. As additional effects of organizing boardroom meetings, it is necessary to note the expansion of the audience of participants. Participation in the Internet collaboration of interested parties allows you to form a target audience on the site, which contributes to the achievement of greater efficiency of scientific communication.

The second effect that is significant for the implementation of scientific communication is the accumulation of knowledge, opinions, experience, presented in the content of articles and discussions.

BoardPaq – a powerful solution for online board meetings

BoardPaq is a secure, easy-to-handle Board of Directors software for planning, running, and managing paperless board, and committee meetings. The service improves board compliance by enabling centralized electronic workflow and logging for presence, activity logs, resolution voting, and a minutes builder tool.

BoardPaq provides the secure protection of your data and the confidentiality of information. Users can show the screen to other participants and a video preview and audio check feature that allows them to properly prepare for power-up.

According to BoardPaq review, the specificity of the boardroom meetings allows us to determine some of the advantages of implementing the functions of this form of business communication:

  • no restrictions for participants regardless of geographic distance;
  • accessibility for participants – no special requirements for equipment and communication channels;
  • profitability associated with the absence of travel and accommodation costs for participants;
  • expanding the timeframe for the conference – the ability to hold an event of any duration in a continuous mode;
  • the ability to connect to participate in the conference at any time during the conference;
  • the ability to promptly organize the discussion of topical issues;
  • access to all presented conference materials for both participants and portal visitors;

Then there are two options:

  • You can have a video conference immediately: just click on the “Start” button and you will create an instant event.
  • Or you can schedule a video conference: to do this, you need to click on the “Schedule” button, specify the name, date, and time for the meeting. All events, including instant and permanent ones, can always be viewed in the user’s account.

To participate in the event, users can be invited by the link, as well as by email. At the same time, participants do not need to register on BoardPaq: anyone who has a link or an invitation can join the conference. The scheduled event can be one-time or permanent – this format can be convenient for online training or constantly recurring online meetings in the company. To create a permanent event, you need to enable this option in the planned event creation form. Such an event will be available to the organizer at all times via a link: that is, there will be no need to send participants a new link every time a meeting or online lesson starts.